Travelogue / Tunisia-Paris / Doors

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The doors in this country are so colourful, the way you would imagine they’d be in Greece: azure. It says something about the proximity to the sea. The architecture carries a sort of informality of life. Very few glass buildings here. Like in Brazil, the higher towers are white, elevated earthily, reflection-less. The metalworks are complex and inspiring, while human enough to be imperfect. God is in the details.


Photographs taken as part of my research trip for two exciting projects – La Route des Oliviers and ROBAA, Roads of Bones and Ashes. The later is a multi-platform writing & photography/film project with my father, prof. Michel Peterson. It’s about the history of mass crimes, spectrality, and the individual and collective transmission of great traumas, from our very own human and personal perspective. It’s now online (in French only for now) at


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