Travelogue / Tunisia-Paris / Artcurial, Favourite Library in the World

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Finally in Paris, we visit Artcurial, probably my favourite library in the world. We find lots of gems, buy some and leave some. I get an Araki monograph and Volt Magazine 12. We also see an Enki Bilal catalogue. Our freely associative minds go wild.

Already, I cannot wait for my next visit to return and stock up on reading and visual inspiration. I have a problem with book purchasing, everybody I know agrees… except my father, because I got that particular disease from him!


Photographs taken as part of my research trip for two exciting projects – La Route des Oliviers and ROBAA, Roads of Bones and Ashes. The later is a multi-platform writing & photography/film project with my father, prof. Michel Peterson. It’s about the history of mass crimes, spectrality, and the individual and collective transmission of great traumas, from our very own human and personal perspective. It’s now online (in French only for now) at


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