Travelogue / Tunisia-Paris / The Man by the Sea

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I wake up early in the morning, wanting to catch the sunrise before we leave. The street across the hotel, directly by the water, is completely empty until a few hours later. So I stroll around, snap various moments of the sun’s rise – the sky starts darker, as it would, tangled blues and deep oranges, slowly giving way to yellow oranges and soft pinks until the sky blues arise. By the building on the tip of the rocks, a bicycle rests against a low-rising wall, I photograph it. And then around the corner its owner. There is a man watching the sea at sunrise. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t talk, he just leans agains the building for long minutes, certainly thinking about something, but impossible to know what. And for me, for an instant, he becomes a character, is part of a scene, he is the man who watches the sea as the sun rises.


Photographs taken as part of my research trip for two exciting projects – La Route des Oliviers and ROBAA, Roads of Bones and Ashes. The later is a multi-platform writing & photography/film project with my father, prof. Michel Peterson. It’s about the history of mass crimes, spectrality, and the individual and collective transmission of great traumas, from our very own human and personal perspective. It’s now online (in French only for now) at


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