Rockin’ the ‘Academy of Heroes’ Concert

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My personal view is that when photographing shows and fashion runways and things like that, you should go with a very ‘rock and roll’ approach, meaning that you must take risks and dare to shoot from strange places, sneak in nooks, get on stage… and then this sense of motion that comes from moving with the music, trying to become part of the environment in some way. It’s very much about timing and about emotion, which is what we try to convey as photographers.

But enough bla bla blaNow I must say that some of these shots were taken by my buddy Tishan Baldeo at Izura: he was shooting, and after a few songs, I basically stole his camera and snapped and snapped, and we ended up alternating, so, really, I’m not 100% sure which shots are his and which are mine, though all the edits were done by me. One interesting thing is that Tish also did his own selection and edit of these shots, which is quite a bit different than mine (I guess mine are ‘grimier’, for lack of a better word?).

In any case, below are shots of a bunch of talented artists (sorry if I forget anyone!): the one and only J Reyez (look out for his new music video ‘Our Promise’, that I had the privilege to shoot for Izura Productions), the amazingly talented Lydia Paek and Emmalyn, Tommy C, Gamble the Greedy Grin (the camera loves him!) and the young CJ Idos.

There you go, enjoy! Camera was a 5D Mark III with a Nikon 200mm f/2.0 (manual focusing everything was such a pain, as you can imagine! LOL)

And if you look at all the photos, all the way to the bottom of the page, maybe you should like me on Facebook? Click the image below. Peace!


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  1. emmalyn says

    I only have one picture :( haha

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