YYZ-MIA Travelogue

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It’s been a long time since I’d posted anything on my personal blog, as I’ve been super busy launching and running FASKINO.com and doing work for my friends over at Upper Canada College. So… here are, finally, the images from the trip I took to go visit J. in Miami in November, right after I decided to leave my day job and dedicate myself to my freelance work. So far it’s been good, but at the same time, it’s always tough and you always have to try to outdo yourself, because otherwise you stay still and aren’t getting better. This year, one of my resolutions is to put out really high quality material (i.e. to drop the laissez-faire, it’s-good-enough attitude). Hopefully I can respect it and move forward in a big way! Lots of exciting things coming up: two fashion shorts (one personal, one for a modelling agency), Tracy and Cedric’s wedding in April, etc, etc.

Lots of pictures on the way to Pearson airport (YYZ).

And more inside the terminal.

I arrive in Miami, take a cab to cute Coco Walk.

On the first weekend, we go to Key West.

The road to get there is stunning.

I see a nice image, have to capture it.

We get shark-mouth sunglasses and decide to take quirky portraits of ourselves.

Some more images of Key West.

Finally, I take some pictures of Miami.

And it is time to leave.

If you ever go to Miami, take some time to party at the Delano and W Hotels. The Delano interiors are designed by Philippe Stark and are unbelievably nice, while the W has a stunning garden and a really nice selection of cocktails. Other than that, well, just walk around. Miami itself wasn’t my favourite city ever, but if you’re in good company and like the sun, you will have a great time. Oh, and by the way, when you walk on South Beach and people try to sell you a Paella dinner deal, it’s bogus… very upsetting stuff… If you want nice food at a good price, go to Perricone’s on Thursdays for the $10 pasta special: delicious!


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