A Silent Ride: Photo Editorial from the Audi x Dimitri Chris video shoot with Gibran Ramos & Gab BT

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Without further due, here is the series. Enjoy and share!

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  1. LSM says

    this sucks really,
    your pushing to hard for nothing.
    come on!
    where’s the love for art,for photo, nothing ..
    just trying to be cool …

  2. @ Stephan – Well, the car was wicked, so it wasn’t too hard :)
    @ Laristocrate – Merci.
    @ LSM – I’m sorry you feel that way. The way I see it, I treat personal and more artistic projects the same way as I treat fashion, corporate or wedding gigs. I take whatever I have and try to create some sort of a narrative. Maybe this one falls short according to your artistic standards, but I am still fairly happy with it. Plus, I don’t think of myself as an artist. I know quite a few artists and their struggles are very different from mine, they are more ‘deeply rooted’, more personal. Me, I’m a videographer and photographer who’s trying to earn a living, and I’m very fortunate to have some amazing clients and colleagues who give me quite a bit of creative freedom. That’s my best answer, I guess… Peace :) [And yes, when one of the clients is a luxury car brand, I do have to try and do something cool…]

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