Audi: The Art of Progression Fashion Show – Backstage with Dimitri Chris + Joeffer Caoc + NADA

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Last night, I attended the Audi: The Art of Progression fashion show a the Toronto Brickworks. It was a very chilly night, and the show was taking place in a semi-open section of the building, so everybody was quite cold, but in the end it didn’t matter, because what the three showcased fashion designers gave us was awesome! I was there to shoot for Montreal-based Dimitri Chris (so you will see more shots of his stuff), but as everything unfolded, I also snapped some shots of the Joeffer Caoc and NADA collections.

What you see below is my unique way of shooting a fashion show I guess. I must admit it was my first time (except for the one time I shot at Montreal’s Fashion and Design festival, but then I had no real access). Basically, as I was shooting throughout the night I kept thinking “shoot like you were shooting a rock concert.” I wanted to capture character and personality, not to add more glamour to something which is already very theatrical and calculated. But anyway… at the end of the day these are nice images of great looking people wearing stunning clothes. I just stand there and document, and good things happen!

Congratulations to my man Dimitri Chris, to Gibran Ramos and Gab BT (see previous post), as as well as to Joeffer Caoc and NADA. And Joeffer: I loved your stuff!

If you are in one of the photos and you’d like me to send you a digital copy, just send me an email to and I’ll hook you up (please don’t steal my shots and ‘forget’ to credit me… yes, that includes Facebook profile pics)! And well, if you like the photos, I’d love it if you clicked on the Facebook and Twitter sharing links at the bottom of the page, that would be great! And if you’re a designer and you have a show coming up that you’d like documented, hit me up!

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All photos are simply sorted in chronological order, since there are so many!



  1. JRay says

    Hi, Great Shots. I built the runway for this show. Do you have any shots of it by any chance?

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