Audi x Dimitri Chris – 1/3 – Video Shoot Behind-the-Scenes

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Earlier in October, my friend Gab BT invited me to help out on a video shoot directed by Gibran Ramos for luxury car brand Audi and Montreal fashion designer Dimitri Chris. The video will be projected at the beginning of a fashion show taking place this Thursday (kind of vaguely in the context of Toronto Fashion Week, I think…?), which I will also attend and shoot :) The photos you see here are all behind-the-scenes, as I cannot post my actual fashion shots before the show (but I will after Thursday)! As you can see in the last picture, the atmosphere on the set was very casual (Gab is a real goofball, and whenever he’s on set, everybody becomes a little crazier… except when his arm is stuck… yeah, inside joke)! Overall, it was very awesome to work with Gab (again), Dimitri, Gibran Ramos (the director & art director, a Montreal fashion star extraordinaire whom I knew of but had never met before), Alex (our camera assistant, and also a director), Scott (from the… I wanna say, ad agency?) and Brandon (our model/actor). Enjoy the shots and stay tuned for the actual photo shoot images and my fashion show coverage (it will be the first real fashion show I go to, so I’m super excited) :D

And now, links galore: Gab BT / Dimitri ChrisMad Maus, Gibran Ramos’ Party Animal

And our (to say the least) unusual methods of shooting ;)



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