The Princess, the Little Prince & the Frog

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Hello Everyone! I thought I’d share these candid photos of a weekend trip to Sebastien & Tina’s place in Gatineau. FYI: Tina is Jennifer’s cousin, and her kids, Eve and Nicolas, are the BEST! Not much to be said about this series really, other than it was a lovely to relax and breathe in fresh(er than in Toronto) air. Oh, it was Kiwi’s birthday, so her and James showed up for a little bit, but as it turns out I have no good photos of them, just a few videos… sorry, I tend to photograph the kids most :P Kiwi, I’ll get you next year! Oh, and whoever borrow my camera for 50-ish shots: I need to teach you how to focus ;)

On this, I invite you to ignore the increasingly cold weather outside and dip back into happy summer memories! :)



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