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So I decided to start a series of posts that focus not only on my work, but on the work of some photographers I admire. I’m calling it Feature Fridays. So in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be showcasing the work of my favourite photographers. I hope you’ll love it!

And today, well, I’ll be starting with someone whose work I adore: Turkish-born, Miami-based and globally-awesome Akif Hakan Celebi. What to say about Akif? Well, I will be quick and let his work speak for itself, but I need to introduce him first by talking about the two things I admire most about his work: 1) The use of COLOURS. No one does colour like Akif! Looking at the images below, you will quickly notice that he is a true master: his look is unique and very distinctive. It turns reality into a sort of bright, yet quirky place, where beautiful models do incoherently delightful things; 2) His SUBJECTS are incredibly intriguing, blissfully ‘off’… I’m not sure what it is exactly, but something about what Akif does is very compelling. It’s like all of his photographs speak of a sort of deeply-rooted ‘malaise’, as if he knew something about the emotional life of human beings that I don’t. Like a soft sense of suffering. And so his fashion images seem infused by meaning, as if they carried the content of his personal work (which has more to do with artistic nudes and art and fetish photography) within them.

I sent Akif a message asking him a simple question: What are you trying to say with your work? I was lucky to receive the following answer: “I am not doing photography in order to convey a certain message, if there is something to say that would come from the model and I would be the messenger. In my photography I give hints of how I am, who I am, what I like and so forth, I create situations that I enjoy and document the outcome. It’s all natural and real.

Now, go ahead and enjoy a few Akif Hakan Celebi’s best shots. The last image, of model Victoria Yun, is one the my favourite images, ever!


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