Alana & Adam

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A little while ago, my friends Alana Belmont and Adam Martin, both emerging singers, asked me to do a little photo shoot with them. They needed some shots that they could use for promotional purposes and for potential EPs, so we decided to do a studio session. Now, I am not a big fan of shooting on white background, but I had always wanted to go check out Owl Studios, the rental space of photographer/graphic designer Helen Tran. We had a really great time (the atmosphere was so laid back), and I ended up shooting a lot of frames around the studio, not just against the background. There’s a lot of colour, since: 1) I had just gone out to buy a cool set of Rosco colored gels; 2) I’m in my Lightroom color gradient phase.

Please let me know what you think, and let Adam and Alana know that it is unacceptable that we can’t hear their music anywhere. You guys are talented, put your work out there!

Ladies first.

And now Adam!

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