Profusion 2010

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A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to attend the Vistek Profusion Expo at the Toronto Convention Centre. Since I’m not a techie, I wasn’t all that turned on by the expo floor, but I did enjoy the two conferences I had signed up for. First, I attended a highly informative and inspiring session with video DSLR pioneer Philip Bloom. If you haven’t done it already, go check out his stuff, either on his website or on Vimeo!

Then, it was on to the highly anticipated Rodney Charters event. For those who don’t know him, Rodney is the director of photography for the TV show 24. During his talk, he showed some examples of compositing made in part with 5DMKII footage, including a detailed case study of how the 24 team rigged a car with eight DSLRS in order to film the ‘plates’ that the viewer sees as the outside when Jack Bauer rides in a cab (the car scene was shot on a green screen stage, then the green of the windows replaced with ‘plates’ shot in New York).

Other than that, he played with a lot of different lights and lit a volunteer from the audience so as to express various moods, etc. It was very hectic and all over the place, but it was great to see such a master at work. Overall, it was a day well worth the money. I’ll be back next year!


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