transi(en)t lines

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a platform on a newly constructed line.
a silhouette against maize acrylic tiles
engraved with a name, repeated in Johnston or Gotham
a sound floor – persistent mechanical murmur, mur à mur,
he listens into the tunnel,
predicting which side the next train would arrive from
or walks down the platform. up the platform.
his exit will be closer to this end, in this direction
in some cities subway cars loop
even on lines that have an end and a beginning,
two beginnings, two ends
in other places: marginal networks, waiting quays -
the places his imagination wanders,
as light signals flicker indicating immediate destinations
a tunnel at the end of a line built during your childhood.

thought randomization, pt. I

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Poetry / Reflections

quelques autre pensées avant de s’assoupir
j’oublie peut-être comment m’exprimer,
pas ce soir, mais toujours.

I’ve come to think that the language I express myself in, the medium I choose for what I have to say – should I write, photograph, create moving images? – isn’t actually all that important. I think that, with time, I would like to learn to create across disciplines, indiscriminately. An idea, a word, an image, moving or otherwise, what are their relative weights? I’ll attempt to randomize forms of expression, create narratives that carry over, that purposely lack an ending, a middle a beginning – structures stretching across themselves, replaying endlessly perhaps. These are the ideas I am currently interested in.